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Happy Days – Onwards & upwards!

Exciting news!!  I saw my surgeon today who was very happy with my knee and said he was incredibly impressed with how it looked and had healed - so I bravely asked the question "can I start running again" (my appointment was at 8.40am and I had arrived in my...

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Tough decision

It has taken me a long time to sit down and write this blog, I have struggled to come up with anything that was positive about my training and how I was feeling so thought it best not to write anything. Having dusted myself down, sorted myself out I’m now able...

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Spring is finally here!

What a difference the weather makes, a bit of sunshine and all is right with the world! After a well earned recovery week my training schedule picked up again but I'm sure this is nothing compared to what I will be doing in a couple of months time!  At the moment...

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Off to play in the snow!

While out running on Tuesday I met a lovely lady called Trish.  We bump into each other every so often and always stop for a wee chat.  Trish is 71 years young (I know she won't mind me mentioning her age) and runs her 5 mile route at least 3...

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A marvellous 2015!

As I get older time seems to go by in a flash so I try and make the most of each and every opportunity given to me as you never know what's round the corner! 2015 began with my first race Run the Ran held on the “island” of Khadir Bet in the Gujurat...

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