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Loosing the will to live!

Oh my goodness today I felt the same as I look in this picture!  not knackered I have just lost the will to live during one of my many long runs I have to do on a weekly basis.  I'm sure everyone gets to this stage in training where quite...

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Panic, weight-loss & training

Over the last few weeks I have had a few panic attacks about my run across America that kicks off on the 7th September - just over 2 months. Sometimes they are during a training session but mostly I wake up during the night worrying about things that on the...

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Welcome to 2017 and farewell 2016

Welcome to 2017 this is going to be a marvellous year, I turn 55 and all going well in September I will be running across America. 2016 wasn't exactly the best year for me in terms of running but on the positive side it has given my joints a proper rest...

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Training outside – Marvellous!

Becky & I on the return leg of the Spartathlon 2015 I'm absolutely loving being able to finally train outside, even if it is on a bike! But I don't care, the feeling of being outdoors rather than stuck in a gym is the best feeling in the world. Rehab continues to...

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Rehab – the saga continues!

Practicing our Yoga moves!! The last few weeks have been a real emotional rollercoaster.  Trying to get back up and running and things not exactly going to plan made me feel as though I had the weight of a mountain on my shoulders.  Each night I wake up in the early...

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Happy Days – Onwards & upwards!

Exciting news!!  I saw my surgeon today who was very happy with my knee and said he was incredibly impressed with how it looked and had healed - so I bravely asked the question "can I start running again" (my appointment was at 8.40am and I had arrived in my...

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