Happy Days – Onwards & upwards!

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Happy Days – Onwards & upwards!

Exciting news!!  I saw my surgeon today who was very happy with my knee and said he was incredibly impressed with how it looked and had healed – so I bravely asked the question “can I start running again” (my appointment was at 8.40am and I had arrived in my running kit ready to go!)

He gave me the green light to begin running but stressed that it had to be done slowly, I could only run every other day, going to the gym the days in-between for cross training and if possible to avoid any big ups and downs and no trails – I can do that! I was so happy that I told him I could have given him a massive hug, he looked rather surprised but did smile!

The past 12 weeks of no running have been tough.  Firstly the 6 weeks before surgery trying to see if I could manage without going under the knife, then realising that actually I did need to get it sorted and secondly the last 6 weeks post surgery have in a way been even worse.  The first 3 weeks I did nothing but a bit of walking and my knee exercises I had been given to do when I came out of hospital.  Very dull but to be honest but to be honest the first 2 weeks my knee was very painful so it would have been foolish to have even tried any form of exercise.

I was extremely lucky that I’ve had some amazing support from people in the ‘know’ and have listen to their advice which is why I think my knee is doing so well 6 weeks post surgery.

After my session with the surgeon I drove straight to the forest where I walked for 4 mins and ran for 1 min – total time 50 mins.  Not the fastest session but boy did it feel good to be outside and running.


During the running there was no pain in my knee which was an absolute relief.  My worry had been that after all this time and being so good it might not have worked (I read too much on the internet!)

About an hour after the run I was “aware” of my knee, not painful but know that there is still some recovery to go.  My marvellous surgeon had said that it wouldn’t feel totally normal for another 6-8 weeks.

As I’ve said before none of us enjoy being away from a sport we love and which is very much part of our everyday lives but we all have to learn to be sensible.  Having an injury and going through an operation means taking time out which is a nightmare.  I found a surgeon who didn’t think I was totally mad when I told him I was going to run across America in April, I’ve had some fantastic people with the best knowledge who gave me invaluable advice – who am I to disagree with what they say and put my recovery at risk by running too early?

For the past 3 weeks I have been going to the gym and cross training.  At first it wasn’t for very long and it certainly wasn’t easy but gradually my sessions have got longer, I’ve been able to include the cross trainer and power walking as well as gentle weights to support my knee.  Although not running and at times  it has been SO BORING it’s exercise and put a smile on my face!

Tomorrow I will head to the gym then try running again on Saturday (I’m excited already!).  Ray Zahab my coach has told me that over the next 4-5 weeks I increase the running time very slowly until finally I’m running without walking, then we start building the endurance – can’t  wait but one step at a time I don’t want to F*&@ it up now!


Not the most attractive knees in the world but they’re all mine and for the time being they work!!



Happy Training everyone


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