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Mimi’s extraordinary heartfelt story will take the audience on an inspirational and on occasions emotional journey of grit, determination and passion showing how sport reaches every aspect of life, goal setting, team work, give things a go, not to be afraid of failure and last but not least resilience enabling you to cope with any situation whether at work or in your personal life. The audience will discover what it’s like to push the boundaries beyond what many people would consider normal, showing them just what the human body and mind are capable of achieving. You will be left with a feeling that anything is possible if you’re prepared to work for it.


Mimi delivers inspirational talks about her adventures around the world from the freezing temperatures of the arctic to the heat of the deserts and shows what it takes to set a world record.  With countless experiences of both a mental and physical pain barrier, Mimi describes what it takes to push yourself beyond what you thought possible, showing that with hard work and some fun along the way anything is possible if you want it enough.


Mimi delivers inspirational talks about her adventures running in the Arctic, the jungle, deserts and mountains as well as achieving numerous World Records. With countless experiences of both a mental and physical pain barrier, Mimi describes what it takes to push yourself beyond what you thought possible.


With passion, humour and flair, Mimi recounted the highs and the lows of her 20 year career as an endurance athlete to our audience of 250 North East entrepreneurs, proving that “sometimes in our lives, to discover what’s possible we need to do things that feel impossible”. From the freezing temperatures of the Arctic to the extreme heat of Death Valley, Mimi took us on a journey around the globe all whilst showing that to achieve greatness you must push beyond your limits. A true inspiration, Mimi was the perfect after-lunch pick me up for our autumn conference and her 50 minute presentation made a lasting impression on all those in the audience. Anyone looking for an awe inspiring speaker look no further!

‘Mimi is a FABULOUS speaker. We invited her to speak to representatives from all over Avon and Somerset Constabulary to tell her story and be part of our Health and Wellbeing Day. Her brief was that we wanted to reach out to all staff and officers throughout the Force to support there physical and mental wellbeing. To show them that anything is possible with the right attitude and to show them how physical exercise helps to both physical and mental wellbeing. We had a large mixed audience and streamed the talk to staff and officers around the Force which was well received. Mimi’s story was inspiring and motivating and touched peoples hearts. She showed that anything was possible with the right attitude, resilience, and determination. She delivered her talk with Humour and humility that everyone could relate to. She captured everyone’s attention and left people wanting to hear more . Her presentation was delivered with no notes and beautiful images which captivated everyone leaving them hanging on her every word. Mimi certainly lived up to her name. MARVELLOUS!!!!

Mimi has been my running coach for about 18 months and my running has improved immensely over this period. I sought Mimi out after some failed races in 2017 where I had trained hard but just messed it up on the day as my head and heart weren’t in it. I knew that it would be a long hard road back and that if I was serious about long distance running, I needed to recognise that I needed help. It was important therefore for me to find a coach that knew what it meant to run very long distance, could inspire me, have a laugh with me and give me a kick up the arse when needed. Enter Mimi. Since then, I have rekindled my joy of running, my speed over the long distance has increased and I have been amazed by my general fitness and more importantly my recovery times. This is a result of structured and focused training which I had not until then been able to manage on my own. I like working with Mimi as its very much two way process. We talk about what race/s I want to do and when and my goals for that race/challenge.
Mimi has many times encouraged me to go for things that I would not have thought possible 2 years ago. What’s the worst that can happen? it doesn’t go to plan but we can look at why and then work on that together for the next one. I am fairly experienced in long distance running and know my body fairly well so I can tell Mimi what’s working and what is not, what I am finding tough and what is too easy.
I like Mimi’s flexible approach so that when the body is tired and protesting, we amend the training plan for that particular day or week. As long as you are honest with Mimi and do your best, no slacking or couldn’t be arsed days, then the training works. My biggest issue before coming to Mimi was that I was suffering badly from CBA syndrome, known to runners as the “couldn’t be arsed syndrome”. We looked at why this was and this was hard as it meant being very honest with myself and my running and making changes to the training plan to cover this. It has meant changing racing habits mentally and physical and this has been the most difficult part of my journey but I have come through the other end and now can focus on moving on to other challenges. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mimi.
In Mimi, you will find a coach who “gets it”, usually has a solution or approach for dealing with most issues and who will not force you to run when injured. She also knows when the body needs to rest. She will work you hard and won’t tolerate any nonsense but you will reap the benefits of this. She is also very proud of the efforts and successes of the people she trains and is extremely supportive and I think that is her greatest asset. She will never tell you you cannot do it or laugh at you for taking on something that is mega. My only problem now is selecting the next challenge.

Since I started working with Mimi my running has been transformed. I had previously turned up to races between 50 and 100 miles and winged them, finishing usually in the last hour before cut off. I decided I wanted to do better than that, and to try and achieve some good times for me. Having structured training sessions and a properly thought through and adaptive plans from Mimi, plus great tips and advice along the way really helped me improve. She pushed me to get some more pace in my legs, dropping down the distances, before building me back up as a much stronger and faster runner. Since working with Mimi, I have achieved PBs from 5k to 100 miles (knocking almost 7 hours off that distance!) and tackling longer distances up to 145 miles. She helped me unlock the confidence to tackle the Centurion 4 x 100 mile Grandslam in 2017, and the CanalRace Canalslam series (GUCR145, KACR145 and LLCR130) getting stronger throughout. Simply a fabulous coach, supportive, encouraging, and with a great way of pushing your limits. Recommend strongly!

“Mimi is an exceptional speaker, compelling and inspiring. Dorothy House is a large innovative Hospice operating South of Bath, this year’s charity conference was delivered at the University of Bath to over 300 attendees, to launch our new seven year strategy. Her remit to motivate a very mixed audience of staff, by gender, age group and roles, through sharing her personal responses to her triumphs and disasters as she rose from the ranks of a non-runner to a world leader in an extreme sport. But she also had to entertain by providing a change of pace to the day. She delivered in spades. Mimi was a delight to engage with and prior to the event, over an number of email exchanges, it was clear that she understood the brief, amending her presentation accordingly. It was clear to us, that to her, it was so much more than a “speaking engagement” and she was emboldened by the challenge we had given her. As organisers and owners of the event she came as a complete package arriving early, easy to host, with no presumptions. Mimi was well prepared and a delight to be with, she made us feel special. On stage she has an enlightening persona, able to interweave humour, sadness and pace with determination. Speaking for forty minutes without notes she supported her session with enlightening slides, captivating our audience and holding the stage. We laughed and cried as we shared her journey and all were moved and inspired in equal measure. I would strongly recommend Mimi, a speaker with gravitas and conviction, she added significant value to our day.”

You could hear a pin drop when Mimi shared her incredible life story with our audience. She is as honest as she is inspirational – and her enthusiasm truly is infectious. Everyone wanted to hear more from her!

“Mimi Anderson’s talk was incredibly inspiring and interesting. Her presentation was very well laid out and the audience were captivated throughout. The pupils were engaged in her presentation and enthralled by her level of achievement. I would highly recommend Mimi for speaking within Schools.”

Mimi’s talk to our senior pupils was such an inspiration. She shared an amazing story which was full of challenge and endeavour, honesty and humour. It was also communicated in a very matter of fact way leaving us with the message that you can do anything you want with enough resilience, perseverance and determination. Each time the pupils think they can’t do something I am able to remind them of Mimi and her determination. An inspiring talk of incredible achievements.

The “Living outside the comfort zone” talk that Marvellous Mimi gave at our flagship event Huddle enthralled an audience of 60 marketing and media professionals. They were understandably in awe of Mimi’s achievements and yet the thing that everyone said afterwards is that what makes her so inspiring is her humility, humour and warmth. Everyone wanted to hear more from her. “She made us feel like she is one of us. Normal, down-to-earth, friendly. A wife. A mother. She’s amazing.” And yet her accomplishments are beyond the comprehension of human endurance for most people! It is this combination of incredible strength with humility that makes Mimi such an amazing inspiration for any audience. She is truly Marvellous!