Main Achievements

Marvellous Mimi / Main Achievements
6633 Extreme Ultra Marathon – 2007

352 mile self sufficiency non-stop race in the Arctic. Overall winner & course record holder 143 hrs 23 mins.

Female World Record Holder for Jogle – 2008

Running from John O’Groats to Lands End. 840 miles 12 days 15 hrs 46 mins.

Double Comrades – 2009

1st Female & 4th person to ever achieve this.

Grand Union Canal Race – 2010

145 mile non-stop race along the Grand Union Canal in under 45 hrs NEW COURSE RECORD: 28hrs 12 mins.

Namibian Desert Challenge - 2010

220km 5 day staged race Overall winner

Double Badwater - 2011

Female course record holder. 292 miles: 108 hrs 10 mins 24 seconds (3rd fastest ever crossing).

Spartathlon - 2011

153 miles non-stop from Athens to Sparta in under 36 hrs. 3rd Female & 1st Brit home in 32hrs 33 mins.

Overall World Record Holder for M2M – 2012

Running 345 miles from Top to bottom of Ireland
3 days 15 hrs 36 mins.

Viking Way - 2012

146 Miles non-stop, 3rd overall only female finisher to date.

Female Performance of the Year - 2012

Awarded by UK Ultra Runner Awards for fastest crossing of Ireland.

Physical Endeavour Award - 2013
Double Grand Union Canal Race - 2013

145 mile non-stop race from Birmingham to Little Venice in London.  I began my Double on 23rd May at 9am from Little Venice running to Birmingham in 31hrs 50 mins returning with the race back to Little Venice in 36hrs 49 mins. I am the only person to have ever achieved this.

Cyprus Ultra - 2014

135 Miles, only finisher. New Course Record.

Freedom Runners - 2014

1,968km run from Pietermaritzburg to Paarl in South Africa over 32 days.

Double Spartathlon - 2015

153 Miles from Athens to Sparta in under 36hrs – 35:07. 153 miles from Sparta to Athens – 47 hrs. I became the first female to ever achieve the double an iconic, gruelling, challenging race.

World Record attempt to run across America - 2017

Ran 2, 215.24 miles across the USA, that’s 3/4 of the way across the third largest Continent in the world in 40 days!  I was aiming to run 2,850 miles in 53 days but unfortunately I sustained massive damage to my knee that would have resulted in a knee replacement on returning to the UK had I continued.  I have a high pain threshold but eventually even I couldn’t cope with the pain.   Although not the result I wanted I have achieved something that very few people in the world have or will ever achieved.

Deloitte Ride Across Britain 980 miles - 2018<br />

In September 2018 I entered Lands End to John O’Groats cycle ride as it was the 10th anniversary of my JOGLE World record.  At the time of signing up I didn’t even own a road bike!  The distance was 980 miles over 9 days taking in some of the biggest/toughest climbs in the UK.

Cranbrook Sprint Triathlon - 2019

In January 2018 I started having swimming lessons to try and overcome my fear of the water and learn how to do the front crawl.  Roll on a lot of hard work and very anxious moments I took part in my first Triathlon in June 2019 not only taking part but managed to win my age group.

Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway - 2019

In September 2019 myself and my friend Cat Archer cycled from Vancouver to the Mexican Border over 25 days.  We were self sufficient carrying everything we needed on our bikes.  An amazing experience.