Spring is finally here!

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Spring is finally here!

What a difference the weather makes, a bit of sunshine and all is right with the world!

After a well earned recovery week my training schedule picked up again but I’m sure this is nothing compared to what I will be doing in a couple of months time!  At the moment my runs are either from the house along quieter roads or I go to the forest and run round the trails there to give my legs a break from all the tarmac.  Runs tend to be on time rather than distance which I prefer; there are a variety of routes I take from the house ranging from 2.5 hrs up to 5hrs plus so no wasting time getting into the car driving anywhere.

Returning home after a long run I love a glass of fizzy water followed by a coffee & some food, perfect combination!

Last weekend I was honoured to have been invited to hand out the medals at the SDW50.  James Elson RD of Centurion Running puts on fantastic events (4 x 100 milers and 4 x 50 milers) that always attract a large field of competitors.  What makes the events so good is the massive organisation he and his team put into the events, a lot of hard work behind the scenes that no-one else sees, plus the great team of volunteers that man all the checkpoints.

Handing out the medals to the finishers is a great experience and a privilege, especially those who completed their first 50 miler that day.   Everyone ran through the finish line with a look of exhaustion, pride and achievement but best of all was the massive smiles on their faces – priceless!

Standing on the finish-line was very cold and windy, I was made to feel even more cold when the runners arrived wearing short sleeved running tops; of course they were lovely and warm from all the running! (how pathetic am I after all the hard running they have just done!)  As the afternoon turned into evening my layers increased until finally I had no more clothes to add!

12976743_10156880425485220_8142278859859600304_oWhat a sight I looked!

A big marvellous congratulations to everyone who finished the race, absolutely fantastic and I look forward to meeting you on another event.


I have another couple of weeks of training before heading off for a very long road trip, I’m so excited but a lot of work has to do before I leave.

A website called GoEuro who help travelers easily compare and combine coach, rail and air transport to the cities and towns they wish to visit across the UK and the rest of Europe published an article on some of the top marathons in the UK – take a look.


Enjoy the sunshine but more importantly enjoy your training.

Happy training


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