A wobble in Wales!

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A wobble in Wales!

HWMBO and I have had a great weekend in Wales catching up with friends and doing a bit of running!

After a good trip down we managed to get the best room in the bunkhouse with only two beds and a shower, total luxury and chatted nicely to the marvellous caretaker who put another bed in a single room for Caroline and her Husband, all sorted we went to the pub for some lunch.  Being a good girl I drank fizzy water while HWMBO consumed large quantities of beer.

After registration we returned to the pub, in fact HWMBO hadn’t left the pub, had something to eat then returned to the Bunkhouse to get my kit ready for the morning, set the alarm for 6am and tried to go to sleep which wasn’t easy with all the fire-doors banging and squeaking all night!

Up early, coffee then off to the race briefing followed by the slow walk to the start then off we went.  Caroline and I were running together, for us it was a relaxed run, time on our feet and enjoy the scenery so this is exactly what we did.  Loads of talking, walking when we wanted to, stopping to look the amazing views and generally having a marvellous time.  On the second loop we found ourselves on our own which was rather nice, it felt as if we were out on a training run, couldn’t have been more perfect.  HWMBO did complain however when we came into the finish line, he said he wasn’t used to waiting so long for me to come in and could I hurry up next time.

This week I have done two short runs to keep the legs ticking over, have had a sports massage and today I’m off to see my Osteopath in preparation for the Piece of String which starts later tonight (information under my news section)  I am feeling a wee bit nervous about this (shhhh don’t tell anyone) firstly the obvious one not knowing the distance, but also the amazing people I will be running with – shit there are some awesome runners/swimmers/deca IM in the group.  My aim – to finish nothing else, if I finish it will be fan-bloody-tastic and I will be extremely proud of myself.

Good luck to everyone racing in the W100 may see you on route.





Happy training


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