Brecon Beacons beckons!!!

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Brecon Beacons beckons!!!

My kit is all found, packed and ready to go for the Brecon Beacons Ultra this weekend.  This is such a great event, otherwise known as the Ultra Running Christmas Party.  After a hard day out on the hills its back to our accommodation, shower. change then off to the pub where the Scots, Welsh,English and Irish compete in a pub quiz organised by Martin – its funny how the Welsh seem to win it every year!  I have been swotting up on my general knowledge and if that fails have persuaded HWMBO to come along too, so this year the Scots have got to win…………!

The BB is my fun, relaxed race of the year, it has such a wonderful atmosphere and great views (when you can see them) that it seems a shame not to take the opportunity to enjoy myself. I will be running with my friend Caroline unless I’m too slow for her in which case I will wave her good bye and continue on my own.

I have enjoyed my running over the last week or so and my foot has held up well which is great.  Although I feel good when I’m running I know that my body has no oomph, its obviously still in recovery mode.

The kit for the Piece of String (fun run as James & James call it) is slowly being put on my spare-room bed every time I think of something.  Very difficult not knowing the distance so everything will be packed including probably the kitchen sink!  Next week will be spend thinking of what food to take, always difficult for me.

I hope everyone has a marvellous weekend see you in Wales!

Happy Training

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