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Running, WR and School

Last weekend I was looking forward to having two days with no running – by midday on saturday I was chomping at the bit wanting to run away, but being the good girl that I am my Hoka’s stayed in the basket in the hall and I got on with my WR stuff, by sunday I was going round the bend – there is only so long I can lie in bed in the morning and I really don’t enjoy sitting on my backside all day.

Monday normal life resumed with an 8 hour run – it should have been 10 but family matters got in the way.  I woke up at 5.15 was out of the house by 5.30 and running by 6am.  As it was so early I thought I would be the only person in the forest but no, Jan the marvellous lady who does my sports massage was there with her daughter walking the dogs.  She did ask how I could be quite so cheerful that early in the morning! SIMPLES!!!!

After running for two hours I headed back to the car where I met up with a friend, put my on backpack and we ran round the lanes and footpaths around the forest for 3 hours, great fun.

My car was a CP so after the 3 hours I returned, had something to eat, coffee, took my pack off, said goodbye to Caroline and headed off for the final 3 hours.  Everything felt fine, except for my hamstrings which felt a wee bit tights, but wasn’t too worried as long as I could keep moving.

The following day I did a 2hr 15 min run with pack, legs felt marvellous and body didn’t feel tired so pleased. Today was my last speed session before my World Record attempt, loved it 10 x 200 m – confused the dogs no end!

Everything seems to be coming together for the World Record attempt.  Kit for myself and the crew organised, logos nearly done, maps sorted, my 310xt has been replaced so thats sorted.  The only negative this week was my Dakota 20 which I was going to use for the cyclist and download the route onto it for them.  However, the computer kindly informed me that my garmin software needed updating, which I dutifully did; unconnected and re-started as instructed and guess what…..nothing happened.  It has now been sent back to Garmin and they are replacing it – normality resumes!

Tomorrow is a very exciting day, my eldest Grandson Theo starts his first day at school.  We had a chat on Skype and he showed me his box that he had decorated and filled with photos of his family and things about him – I can’t believe that he has got so grown up.

Neil Bryant has completed his 17th day of Trans Europe and is still going strong, an amazing challenge which I have no doubts he will complete and Kelly Lucas has completed Day 5 Of the Transalpine – She is exhausted but I have no hesitation in saying that Kelly will finish as she’s a very determined lady.

Hope your training is going well.

Happy Training.

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