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Ireland here we come!

Training is done and the last 10 days I have been tapering which for once I have quite enjoyed!

My last long run was a lovely 7 hour run over the South Downs, Vanguard Way , along another named trail then back along the South Downs Way to Birling Gap.  The weather was fantastic and both Caroline and I had packs, although mine was only 6kg compared to Caroline’s 8.5kg!

Packing is now done; being Ireland it is bound to rain so lots of wet weather gear and warm kit for the nights as its now getting very cold.  I believe I have about 6 pairs of gloves with me as my hands are always the first part of my body to feel the cold. Extreme Adventure Foods have posted 4 days worth of food for the 4 of us directly to the Sea View Tavern at Malin Head which is fantastic as my crew really won’t have time to do lots of cooking and my Talbot Underwriting Ltd kit with Logos looks fab.

July 2011 was when I decided to run M2M.  Becky, Katherine and myself were sitting in a restaurant at Furnace Creek after completing my Double Badwater when we hatched the plan and I knew the time I wanted to aim for.  I am under no illusions that this is one tough World Record to beat, to run 345 miles in 4 days 1 hour 39 mins and 55 seconds is an outstanding achievement but I feel that I am capable of breaking it. As with any long distance running events no one can predict how you are going to feel at the time, how the body is going to cope, but at the moment I’m feeling good, nervous but positive and looking forward to getting going.

The weather for Saturday looks good – well, no rain which is always a positive!  I am hoping to meet some Irish runners along the way who are going to come and do some running with me, this will keep me going and will be great to have some company.

I have a marvellous crew of three, Becky Healey, Katherine Hay Heddle and HWMBO, all know me well and will have to put up with me always saying “sorry” apparently I do that quite a lot! being a wee bit grumpy on occasions – followed by a sorry and when I get very stress all the toys will be thrown out of the pram – followed by another sorry!!!  I will try and be good!

Once again I am raising money for the 10 Million Metres Campaign which was et up by Alex Flynn when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 4 years ago.  He has pledged to run, walk, swim, bike and if necessary crawl 10 Million Metres to raise £1, million pounds for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Please help me raise money to find a cure for this as yet incurable disease. You can make a donation by going to every penny counts and each donation whatever the size is hugely appreciated by the charity and keeps me focused on moving forward however painful each step becomes.

You can follow my progress through my twitter and FB (Links on the website) and if there is time they will be posting information on here.  The signal in parts of Ireland isn’t very good so please be patient if you don’t hear anything.

On long events like this I always have things that keep me going.  I have a picture of the finish line in my head  with my family there this helps to keep me focused and if I’m going through a bad patch I have words with myself telling me to pull myself together as it was my idea in the first place.  This time I will have an image of a lovely cartoon caricature  that a friend had done for me for my 50th birthday, it makes me smile each time I look at it!



Tonight myself and HWMBO drive to Stanstead and catch our flight to Dublin very early in the Morning where we meet up with the two girls.

The attempt will start at 6am on Saturday from Malin Head.  Keep your fingers crossed and a few toes might help as well!

See you (I hope) on the other side!

Happy Training











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