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Knackered from Kent!

day4namibExciting times, I did my first run on Monday, it exhausted me!  I met up with my running partner Caroline and the plan was to do an easy 10k, I only managed 8k as everything seemed to feel so hard but was glad I managed to get out.  Later that day I started sneezing, got a sore throat and generally felt awful so was in bed by 7.30 – I could have sworn this running lark was supposed to be good for us!

Fast forward to Wednesday when I went out for run number 2, this time I only aimed for 8k and managed to complete it feeling much better and legs stronger although my chest was heaving so things are looking up.  On Friday I will go for a slightly longer run but this time with a light backpack and see how I feel.

After a lot of consideration I have decided that I will take part in the Desert Ultra.  My flights are booked and plans in place so would be silly not to.  As long as I finish I will be happy; now its time to get my head back into running mode which I must admit I’m still struggling with.

On Saturday I’m taking part in the MDS Expo, a tad nervous to put it mildly but looking forward to hearing James Cracknell, Fred Compagnon, Felicity Aston and Kenton Cool speak and catch up with a few friends.  Hopefully I will get some people along to my talks along with Simon Robinson from X-Bionic – see you there!

Right off to get myself glammed up ready for a girls night at the Graham Norton Show.  On the information you get sent it says:

DRESS CODE: As you, our audience, will be featured on screen, do feel free to dress to impress! Smart, dressy, glamorous…it’s up to you! Do feel free to get some colour in your outfits so that you can spot yourselves on the telly! Clothes prominently displaying brand names will not be permitted, and black clothing should be avoided.

So I’m going with clippy cloppy shoes and sparkles!!

IMG_0041Happy Training!

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