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Recovery going well


Recovery is going well.  On Monday I had an appointment with my Osteopath who worked on my kidneys, for once it wasn’t a painful session but am now under instructions to take a complete rest from any exercise for the remainder of this week until I see him again next Monday as well as get some blood tests done to check everything is working as it should be.

Although I had always planned on no running for a couple of weeks to give my body time to recover from the Spartathlon I had intended to at least go to the gym this week, so as you can imagine I’m getting very frustrated especially as I have the Desert Ultra coming up on 15th November and I haven’t even started my pack training yet as it didn’t fit in with my Spartathlon training; looks like this is just gonna have to be a race that I go out and enjoy rather than race.

I popped a post up on Twitter about endurance running and the menopause and have had some very interesting comments back from ladies going through or who have been through it.  There hasn’t been a lot of research into this subject as most women in their 50’s don’t run such long distances – perhaps its time some proper research was done?  I have been chatting to a lovely lady called Janet Alexander a Strength Coach who also lectures on the menopause; she has shared some invaluable information on the subject – I can feel a separate blog coming on!

I’m really struggling to get my head round my next race at the moment as I’m not feeling remotely ready for it plus my brain doesn’t want to think about running at the moment,  hopefully things will change once I start back running again.  Next week I have to take it really easy with short runs then I can start training properly the week after, that will give me exactly 3.5 weeks to get used to my pack – that’s going to be interesting as usually I give myself at least 3 months!


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