Nerves kicking in

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Nerves kicking in

The nerves are kicking in, must mean it’s nearly time to run.

Last week I did a 3 hour run a couple of speed sessions and an hours recovery run, this week has been marvellous, two 5k’s one easy and the other at a faster pace finishing with a sports massage so I think I’m ready – she says with fingers crossed!

I have tried really hard not to keep checking the weather as there is absolutely nothing I can do to change it but I find my fingers typing BBC Weather onto my Ipad and guess what – its going to rain, no surprise there.  The rain will start at approx 1pm on Thursday and continue into the early hours of Saturday morning,  oh joy.  On the positive side it will save me from having to wash my hair when I arrive in Birmingham!  It does however look slightly more promising for the return leg, so far …………

Boxes are packed and labeled which I know you will think is completely OTT but it does make life easier for the crew when they are trying to find things for me, plus it stops everything getting into a muddle – HWMBO always laughs at me but is very grateful in the early hours of the morning when trying to hunt things down!

I appear to have packed a huge amount but when I ran the GUCR in 2010 I went through a lot of clothes  due to the rain and the last thing I want is to run out of dry kit; I dislike being cold!

James, Gemma, Becky, Paul, HWMBO and myself are meeting at Little Venice between 8.30 and 8.45 on Thursday morning ready to start running at 9am.  If anyone is local and fancies coming to wave us off it would be marvellous to see you.  I know a few people are turning up which is lovely so thank you and will all being well be returning at some stage on Sunday evening.

You can track my progress by going to

The SPOT GPS tracker won’t start working until I turn on my SPOT and should transmit a message every 10 minutes.  HWMBO will also be Tweeting updates if he remembers!

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to run the distances I do, in fact even run, its something I will never take for granted so with my big events I like to raise money for a Charity.  For the last few years I have been raising money for the 10 Million Metres Campaign set up by Alex Flynn who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 36.  The money raised goes to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust to help find a cure for this as yet incurable disease.

Many of you have already donated to this fantastic cause for which I’m extremely grateful, thank you.  If you would like to make a donation you can do so by going t0   help me, help them keep moving.

Dogs have been delivered to their temporary homes, Son & Heir to Nothing is quite capable of looking after himself and has been instructed NOT to have any parties while the wrinklies are away so it would appear all is sorted – now to re-check my kit!

Good luck to everyone running in the GUCR, run well and strong and see you on the other side!


290 miles ready to rumble!

Happy Training


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