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Sensible underwear & Sperm donors!

As we get older they say that time goes by quicker, how true, the last week and half seems to have whizzed by.

After the POS I took a couple of days off running, my legs felt OK but needed a rest and a massage, my feet were looking gorgeous (she says while keeping them hidden beneath a pair of pink socks!) with toenails trying to fall off after my WR in September and mud ingrained under the nails but on the plus side I had one blister which was caused by a plaster I had put on to protect my newly healed scare on the top of my foot so more than happy.  Thankfully I can hide my feet in boots for the winter until they are looking fabulous once more!

I did three runs last week, all only 10k but everything seemed to work, no aches and pains which is always marvellous.  Last week was quite an exciting week for me, I had a meeting in London which fingers crossed will all come together.  I’m very excited but at the moment the news will stay under wraps until everything is sorted.

Friday was my sensible underwear day as I was seeing my Osteopath.  After a gym session it was a quick shower in cold water, oh how I hate cold water then off to Hawkhurst to be pulled, twisted, prodded by Ken.  My goodness does he put me in some very weird positions, some that hurt just a little and others that can nearly reduce me to tears.  Thankfully it’s very short lived so its a case of hanging on and being brave.  He spent most of the time sorting out my right leg which would be fine in someone who didn’t run silly distances, but makes me run slightly off which then causes problems elsewhere.  During my WR in Ireland I damaged a nerve on my right foot which has resulted in me not having proper feeling in my second toe. This can be quite uncomfortable when running.  It feels like the sensation you get in your fingers and toes when they get so cold they go white and you just can’t feel them, then when the feeling starts to come back you get a pins and needles sort of feeling, mix this together with a few shooting pains and that’s how uncomfortable my right foot is.

After half an hour of agony he told me no running for two days to give my body time to adapt to what he had done – oh humph, never mind I’m sure its good for me.

We went to a confirmation on Sunday at Harrow School which was lovely, although I didn’t seem to recognise a lot of the hymns, thankfully the only people who could hear me sing were sitting next to me and they were struggling at times too which made me feel a lot better!  The Bishop gave a great address, I think quite surprised the congregation by talking about Sperm Donors, not something you expect a man of the cloth to talk about; however it made us all sit up and listen to the rest of the sermon.  As always when in a church (which I don’t go to very often much to The Old Bags dismay) I got the giggles and at the one time we were supposed to be serious and quiet and of course when you try and be quiet it just doesn’t happen.

With no running at the weekend it was great to pop out for a short run on Monday, felt wonderful and I just missed the rain.  Later in the day I chatted to my trainer Ray Zahab who has given me my orders taking me up to the New Year.  No long runs and lots of strength work then after NY we start on the speed – perhaps I might be a very fast runner next year (in my dreams!)

Well, off for a quick run before heading off to Bluewater for hopefully my last Christmas shopping day – gotta try and get it finished before the schools start breaking up next week.

Have a marvellous week and happy training.

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