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I’m still alive!

I haven’t blogged for a while mainly due to the fact that I still can’t run (OK I know stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with it!)   After a very strong course of antibiotics to try and get rid of the infection plus the stitches being taken out my foot didn’t seem to show any signs of improvement.  You can imagine with two races coming up I was getting slightly concerned, although having done the WR it was doing me good not being allowed to run.

Twice a week I visit the nurse at my doctors surgery who treats the wound, gets rid of all the yuk and sends me home with the same information “don’t get your foot wet and no running” I walk out sit in my car and feel depressed.  Finally after over a month my foot is nearly there which is very exciting, I could have kissed the nurse when she told me there was no more “sluff” (I think thats the expression she used) and new skin was now forming, joy of joys, perhaps the end is in sight.

No running until next week, I think I can hang on for a few more days!

As I haven’t been able to run I have definitely been getting my monies worth from my local gym, every day I turn up and have a good session, then walk the dogs before return home.  Although its exercise it doesn’t give me the same feeling that running does.

Finally I have all the bits and pieces sorted for my WR; it always takes longer than you think making sure everything is in order, named, addressed, name of the WR and your reference number, then once all that has done EVERYTHING needs to be photocopied just in case it gets lost – can you imagine all that running and the evidence gets lost in the post!

A couple of weeks ago I went to see if I could help at Caesars Camp 50/100 and also support my friend Nics who was taking part.  This is a tough race as you do 10 loops with a CP at the half way point.  In the buildup to the race the weather had been awful so loops got muddier and muddier as the runners went round.

It was wonderful to see lots of familiar faces and chat (I always love to chat!) I was put at the half way CP with Dick and his wife Jan which was marvellous (for me anyway!)  They had a great set up, a nice warm tent, mobile larder, lights, generator even a microwave!  My job was to tick off runners numbers as they came through and for those of you who know how quiet I am I couldn’t help but cheer everyone in as well and on occasion give a hug when required.  I love helping out at races   Its fantastic to be able to support other runners in whatever way I can and see their faces when they arrive at the CP – not one of them didn’t have a smile on their face as they went through which was fantastic and if they were having a bad time I hope I got it right with the help (or leaving them alone).  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the whole event as I was needed at home by HWMBO and being the very good wife that I am I always do as I’m told (cough cough!) Many congratulations to everyone who took part.

The entry list is up for The Piece of String, there are some amazing runners taking part which is great.  The other lady who is taking part is Grace Devlin who has done a double crossing of the Channel – how amazing is that, quite outstanding; her endurance must be remarkable.  I am very much looking forward to meeting Grace and the other competitors.   I’m looking forward to it and to see if I can actually manage to keep my head together which I know at times is going to be tough.  My main concern at the moment is the map reading in the dark, especially when you are an old fart like me, eye sight isn’t as good as it used to be so will be interesting (perhaps I should carry a large magnifying glass with me!)   I’m sure at some stage in my head I will be having a few strong choice words with James and James!

Entry forms have arrived for the 2013 GUCR – I noticed that Dick had mistakenly put me down as the Female Course RH so immediately sent him an email pointing this out!  Debbie Martin Consani is the current record holder not me!  he has also ensured that we read the information he has sent us by asking questions on the application form – fingers crossed that I get them right and that I’m selected to run as James Adams and I are hoping to do the double, then later in the year the Double Spartathlon.

Looking forward to Monday when I can go for a run – yippdeedoo.  My next event is the Brecon Beacons Ultra which I’m really looking forward to, the Ultra running Christmas Party a great chance to catch up with friends over a pint or a glass of wine in my case and attempt the pub quiz! (I rather let the Scottish team down last year, but this year I have my secret weapon)  Last year I only managed 1 loop as I had a virus which meant I couldn’t regulate my body temperature; fingers crossed I can do the two loops this year.  This is my fun race for the year and I won’t be racing, but enjoying the experience.

I am very proud of HWMBO, Wayward Daughter No 1, Son & Heir to Nothing and Harri all have given up smoking – they have no idea how wonderful it is for me and what a difference it makes, I am a very proud mother/wife.

Have a marvellous weekend, train/race well and see you next week!

Happy Training

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