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Body feeling marvellous :-)

I’m quite enjoying this recovery lark, lie-in’s in the morning, chilled days doing nothing in particular other than pottering round the house and every so often I sit down and burst into tears when I think about what I have just done …..I know, I know so silly but it can’t be helped!

Although I’m feeling tired – well its a woozie feeling really, I have no blisters, my feet are in fact looking gorgeous, my legs feel brilliant so really have nothing to complain about.  HWMBO on the other hand is a total wreck! He can hardly stay awake, has a sore throat and a cold and his backside after all the cycling…..well I don’t think we need to go there do you!??!!

The Old Bag is staying for a couple of days which is brilliant; great timing as usually I disappear off for runs every morning leaving her to her own devices which always makes me feel guilty, so it is fantastic that this time I can enjoy her company without rushing off to train.

What an amazing weekend it has been following my fellow Brits run Spartathlon.  Unfortunately due to the high heat there was a big drop out this year.  I believe 307 started and only 70 finished.  The amazing Lizzy Hawker showed just what a talented runner she is by breaking the female course record and James Adams completed the race against all odds making it three out of three.  Sitting in my kitchen at home watching the race unfold was exciting stuff, especially when you know the people racing.  Congratulations to everyone who stood on the start line, its one hell of a race and tough as nails!  James Elson has written a very good race report which can be found here.

Off for a coffee with my friend Caroline who has just returned from the Grand to Grand Ultra, really looking forward to hearing all about the race.  She ran an amazing race finishing 2nd female only twenty minutes behind the lead lady, way to go Caroline!

Finally I have my ganglion removed from my right foot today.  This appeared after the Viking Way Ultra in April, a very unattractive lump in the middle of my foot.  Back in the day apparently they used to bash a bible down on said lump to disburse the fluid.  When I suggested trying this to my surgeon for some reason he didn’t seem to think it was a good idea!


Enjoy the rest of the week and happy training!


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