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Marvellous Mimi / Run for Good

After overcoming her own challenges Mimi is now passionate about using her running to help others tackle challenges in their own lives.

Mimi specialises in extreme endurance events whether racing or organising her own adventures, pushing beyond the limits others impose on themselves and this has led to a number of ‘firsts’ in her running career.

  • First woman to achieve a double Spartathlon race (153 miles x 2) in 2015
  • First person to achieve a double Grand Union Canal race (145 miles x 2) in 2013
  • Only woman to have finished the Viking Way Ultra (146 miles) in 2012
  • Only finisher (and new course record) in the Cyrus Ultra (135 miles) in 2014
  • First woman to achieve Double Comrades in South Africa (ran both up and down route without any rest between) 2009

Mimi also holds a number of course records hold and is most proud of her Arctic race & Guinness World Records, which are:

  • 6633 Extreme Ultra Marathon, 352 miles non-stop self sufficiency in the Arctic in temperatures as low as minus 40 – 143hrs 25 mins
  • John O’Groats to Lands End – 840 miles 12 days 15 hrs 46 mins, set in 2008
  • M2M (the most northerly point of Ireland to the most southerly point) – 345 miles in 3 days 15 hrs 36 mins, set in 2012

From the start of my Mimi’s  running career she has been committed to raising money and awareness for various charities through her challenges.